Terms, conditions and disclaimer

The following disclaimer, terms and conditions of use apply to the entire VJF website.


Protection of Personal Data

VJF appreciates your interest in our company and products. The protection of your personal data is important to us and we make every effort to handle it with all due care and in strict compliance with Bulgaria's Personal Data Protection Act. Please note that our website may contain hyperlinks to website/files of third parties that VJF has no control of with regard to the protection of personal data.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

While you are using our website, our server will automatically record your IP address, the address of the website that has referred you to us, the web pages you are viewing, as well as the date and duration of your visit. Your personal data (name, middle name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) will be recorded and stored only if you have given them to us voluntarily by filling in a registration form, an application form, a contact-us form, a survey, a competition form, etc., while in our website.

Purpose and Use of Personal Data

VJF will use the personal data provided by you for the purposes of the technical administration of this website, the management of client data bases, as well as for the marketing aims of the company. We will make your personal data available to state authorities and officials only in cases when this is required by the current Bulgarian laws or subject to your express consent.

VJF will take due care and is responsible for the protection of your personal data provided while using this website in all cases, except in force majeure circumstances, an accident or malicious actions on behalf of third parties, or when the publication of these data has been made possible by you.

Freedom of Choice

We would like to keep you up-to-date with regard to our new products, services, company events, etc., as well as to occasionally ask for your opinion. If you don't like to receive commercial messages from us or you don't want us to use your personal data for the marketing aims of our company, please send us an e-mail at office@vjf.bg.

Rights and Limits of Responsibility

VJF reserves the right to update and expand the content of its website on a regular basis according to its best practices, knowledge and experience. Despite this, erroneous and incomplete information can never fully be ruled out.

VJF makes the content of its website available without being able to fully guarantee its reliability and applicability for any specific application and/or use.

VJF will bear no responsibility and owe no compensation for any damages incurred, stemming from or in any way related to the use or unavailability of this website.

VJF reserves the right to change and expand the content and services offered in this website, as well as to discontinue its maintenance, as it wishes, without prior notice. VJF will bear no responsibility with regard to any damages incurred as a result of such changes or actions.

VJF will bear no responsibility for any damages incurred due to the unavailability of this website, which may result from regular maintenance tests, optimization or improvement efforts, as well as from circumstances beyond our control: breakdowns of the World Wide Web, problems with your equipment or undue access or intervention in our information system and servers by third parties.

VJF will bear no responsibility and owe no compensation for damages incurred as a result of referrals in this website to content created by third parties. A hyperlink in our website is no guarantee for the reliability of such content.

VJF will bear no responsibility and owe no compensation for data loss or damages incurred on your software, hardware or equipment resulting from materials or resources in our website which you searched for, downloaded or used in any other way.

VJF reserves the right to deny you and/or discontinue your access to this website or specific services provided in it. In addition, VJF's administrator has the right to record and monitor users' access to this website.


The content and resources provided in this website are subject to copyrights or other intellectual property rights of VJF, its partners and other third parties. You must use them in compliance with these terms and conditions. The reproduction, changing, adapting or public distribution of copyright-protected material must be expressly authorized by us in written form. The removal of trade marks or other intellectual property marks from the materials in our website is forbidden, whether their owner is VJF or a third party.

VJF has the right to change these terms and conditions unilaterally, while publicizing the changes in this website in due course.