About us

With over 20 years of experience, VJF is a leading integrated solution provider for various infrastructure and environmental protection projects.
Building on our waterproofing and roofing expertise we have further specialised in Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems (BIPV) for flat and pitched roofs. 

We see our success built on the following principles:
  • Offering a project integrated service: combining practical technical solutions with timely supply of materials and strict follow up of deadlines. 
  • Providing complete solutions: we offer the full range (more than 30 groups) of materials necessary for the installation of functionally complete systems.  
  • Working closely with our clients: Our products and systems are available in more than 80 POS across Bulgaria. To provide on time technical and sales support plus reliable logistic services we operate through our Head office in Sofia and regional offices and warehouses in Plovdiv and Burgas.
  • Staying innovative without compromising quality: through long-term partnerships with internationally recognised producers. 

News / Events


VJF participates in the reconstruction of Krayezerna street project, city of Burgas

VJF was chosen by the Main Contractor as a supplier in the reconstruction of Krayezerna street project





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Head Office Sofia:
115 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.
Sofia 1582, Bulgaria

phone: (+359 2) 44 55 100/144/155
mobile: (+359 88) 219 81 00
fax: (+359 2) 962 96 95

е-mail: office@vjf.bg



Office Plovdiv:
35 Tsar Boris III Obedinitel Blvd.
4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
phone: (+359 32) 96 26 60
mobile: (+359 88) 766 37 62
fax: (+359 32) 96 26 61

Office Burgas:
ground floor, 140 complex Lazur
8000 Burgas, Bulgaria
cell phone: (+359 88) 565 08 66
cell phone: (+359 88) 522 03 08