About us

geo system Geosystems
Systems for infrastructure and environmental protection projects

Years of experience and in-depth knowledge distinguish our team when providing environmentally friendly solutions, using geosynthetic, bioengineering and double-twisted wire mesh products, etc. 

We are specialised in:
  • landslide protection, soil reinforcement, erosion control;
  • river training, channel protection, bridge abutments;
  • road and railway construction and rehabilitation – asphalt and unbound pavement reinforcement, soft ground stabilisation;
  • rockfall protection and snow barriers;
  • landfill construction and reclamation, etc.

   Systems for garden, landscape design and horticulture

In accordance with the global trends for sustainable landscape design, our division is orientated towards developing and promoting environmentally friendly garden solutions.

We are specialised in:
  • vertical planning and terrain modeling;
  • decorative ponds and water features;
  • car parks, lanes and pathways;
  • drainage solutions;
  • ground anchoring systems;
  • other specific garden solution.

Waterproofing systems for industrial, residential and infrastructure projects
Thousands of successful projects completed with shingles, single-ply, HDPE and bituminous membranes, demonstrate the reliability of our systems. 

When waterproofing:
  • foundations;
  • flat and pitched roofs;
  • green roofs (rooftop gardens);
  • balconies;
  • traffic areas (parking lots, courtyards, etc.);
  • bridges, tunnels, etc.
we have the knowledge, skills and capacity to provide the optimum solution.
СОЛАРНИ СИСТЕМИPhotovoltaic systems
Building integrated photovoltaic systems for flat and pitched roofs 

As roof experts, we believe that waterproofing materials and photovoltaic pannels should be designed and installed as integrated elements of the roofing system. That is why our warranty provides whole system coverage. 

We offer combined waterproofing and solar power solutions for new or existing roofs of various slopes and shapes through flexible thin-film or rigid solar panels, supported by:
  • design specification;
  • solar panels layout; 
  • solar power production forecast;
  • depreciation schedule;
  • pricing offer; 
  • delivery and installation;
  • warranty and maintenance.