All designed and installed by VJF Engineering roofing photovoltaic projects, confirmed what we believe is the synergy between waterproofing and photovoltaic roof solution. The latest PV project is situated in Plovdiv, on the roof of an industrial building.

The roof sub-base of the building is made by corrugated sheets and stone wool insulation boards, assuring smooth surface for mechanical fixation of single ply PVC membrane Alkorplan 35176 F 1,5 mm.

The ultra light ALKORSOLAR fixing system makes it possible to attach solar panels onto the roof, without the need of extra ballast or perforation of the roofing membrane. The development of the fixing system has taken into account the abilities of PVC roofing membranes to have compatible elements welded directly to them. This method allows variety of different roof systems to be installed quickly and cost effectively.

The ALKORSOLAR fixing system for PV modules was tested in variety of conditions, including wind tunnels with wind speeds up to 200 km/hour.

Proven solution over the years: Alkorsolar works effectively in perfect interaction with the roof waterproofing system.

The installation without mechanical fixing and perforation guaranties the longevity of the waterproofing system through the years, without compromising the existing waterproofing layer on the roof.

You can contact our technical support teams in our offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna. Additional information about our PV systems and services is available on our website