In the past two years (2018 and 2019), the contractor, “Trace Road Construction” Ltd., successfully completed the renovation of boulevard “Bulgaria” in the segments between boulevards “Gotse Delchev” and “Ivan E. Geshov” and between “Ivan E. Geshov” and “Cherny Vruh”.  As to date, the renovation continues in the segment between boulevard “Gotse Delchev” and “Todor Kableshkov” street.

Because of the heavy load, formed due to the intensive traffic on bul. ”Bulgaria”, the reconstruction project includes the installation of heavy-duty, bi-directional steel mesh for asphalt reinforcement. The steel mesh was supplied by VJF. More than 80 000 sqm. were installed on the job site.

Road Mesh® is a unique bi-directional heavy-duty bound layer reinforcement, used in pavement and asphalt structures. Road Mesh®  has a three dimensional structure enabling the bound layer material to envelop each continuous wire strand, ensuring interlock and therefore optimum and immediate load transfer from the aggregate to the reinforcement. The Road Mesh® absorbs and ultimately reduces the peak tensile stresses caused by the presence of reflected cracks and/or traffic loads and elongates the service life of the road.

Road Mesh® is already well known on the market, as a very effective and preferred by the road contractors product, when heavy loads road reinforcement applications are needed.

VJF specializes in providing and implementing sustainable infrastructure and environmental protection solutions.