In the summer of 2017, VJF team was awarded an engineering contract for the design, supply of materials and construction (in cooperation with Gert Group Ltd) of the highest soil reinforcement structure in Bulgaria.
Investor of the project is Petrol Invest Trading Group, and the task of the project was to consolidate and stabilise an adjoining area for construction of a petrol station and to secure its sustainability in terms of time.
Soil reinforcement is developed with a complex system, which guarantees optimal utilization of the existing terrain according to the property frontiers.

The implemented structure is reinforced soil embankment, consisted of two types of hexagonal wire mesh products with high corrosion resistance. In the foundation (4-8 m) are combined factory made gabions and Terramesh® modular systems with vertical stone face and reinforcing tails, helping to absorb operational and other actions, as well as to reduce deformations.
The second section from 3 up to 14 m and higher, consist of Green Terramesh® modules with 70° factory fixed sloped face, behind which is installed biomat and a layer of topsoil, favouring faster vegetation development. All modules in this section have reinforcement tails, that function in the same way as those in the base structure. In order to optimize the solution, the modular elements are reduplicated with reinforcing high-strength geogrids in depth. The length of the constructed structure is 154 m and its height exceeds 20 m. The site is located on Road I-5 in the territory of the Lozengradtsi village, just few kilometers prior the Makaza border checkpoint.

VJF possesses experience and capacity in providing and implementing effective solutions for basal reinforcement and soil stabilisation.