Based on our 25 years of experience in working with roofing waterproofing systems, we at VJF insist on their proper maintenance and operation. Although innovations and technologies are evolving at a rapid pace, a large proportion of installations related to the operation of buildings, usually find place in the least used part of them, namely the roofs. For this reason, we are witnessing an chaotic placement of installations and substructures for different types of machines on the roofs, and in most cases the method of installation is perforation of the roofing system, accompanied with the corresponding problems – almost complete damage of the hydro and thermal insulation system.

It’s VJF philosophy and policy to provide our customers with complete, tested and proven solutions in the areas in which we operate, and therefore we work towards offering and implementing systems for impenetrable installation of roofing photovoltaic panels and installations, through General Fix® system.

The system is developed and patented on the basis of VELCRO® HOOK & LOOP technology, which excludes mechanical fixing and penetrations in the waterproofing layers.

Components of General FixSH®

  1. BandFix® – Loop band, compatible with the material of the synthetic roofing membrane (for connection with AluFix®);
  2. AluFix® – Aluminium profile with integrated Hook band (for connection with BandFix®);
  3. Accessories – screw connectors, mounting brackets, flat nuts and steel profiles.

In regards to the wind loads and the stability of the system, General Fix has been tested for resistance to wind loads in conditions close to the real ones, in a wind tunnel at the Faculty of Mechanics of the Polytechnic University of Milan and the EUREKA laboratory – Italy.

The simulations are performed in a wide temperature range, and by summarizing the data, the final appearance of the system is created.

A specially developed and certified software calculate the number, size and location of the elements of the system, according to the specific installation conditions for each specific project.

The system is applicable for new and renovated roofs with single ply waterproofing system.


  • short terms of installation;
  • lightweight – without additional heavy load to the roof structure;
  • the application of the fixing system for photovoltaic modules or other technical installations is without perforating the roofing/waterproofing system;
  • wide range of positioning of the modules up to 22 degrees inclination;
  • easy removal of the sub structure for maintenance and emergency removing refurbishment.

Additional information or consultation about the building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems, offered by VJF, can be obtained in our offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna, as well as on our website

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