VJF Engineering is a specialised engineering company providing construction management and installation services in the following four areas:
  • Systems for infrastructure and environmental protection project;
  • Innovative green infrastructure solutions; 
  • Waterproofing systems for infrastructure, residential, commercial and industrial projects;
  • Integrated photovoltaic systems for flat and pitched roofs.
Our team is valued for its ability to offer and implement complex technical solutions within short deadlines and attention to the specific requirements of each project.   

VJF Engineering has a team of highly qualified and talented staff: from designers project and team managers to narrowly specialised experts who make full use of the company's own equipment and technology.    

Why work with us? 
  • We have over 15 years of construction and installation experience;
  • We can give you individual solution and our design department can create your project;
  • We are knowledgeable of the latest technological developments across Europe and the world;
  • We have the capacity and expertise to implement projects of varying scale;
  • We are able to work across the country and abroad. 
At VJF Engineering, we develop International Standards, such as (ISO 9001:2015) for quality management (ISO 14001:2015) related to environmental management and (OHAS 18001:2007) for health and safety management.

    VJF Engineering is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Construction.