In August 2017, VJF was awarded the supply contract for heavy reinforcing product for the renovation of the asphalt pavement on “Orlov most” bridge in Sofia. The reinforcing Roadmesh product, made of heavily galvanized wire with woven transverse rods, is an innovative solution for road construction and rehabilitation. There are already several existing projects in Bulgaria with such reinforcement, but this was the first of such scale. The projected material enhance the passing comfort and the viability and sustainability of the busiest junction in Sofia.
VJF proposed the use of Roadmesh system, in order to reduce the construction time and to prevent the need of additional asphalt layers. The three dimensional structure of the mesh, develops optimum and immediate load transfer and enhances shear resistance. The asphalt reinforcement limits cracking and/or rutting formation and extends the road service life.

VJF is specialized in consulting and supplying of geosynthetic materials and is able to provide solutions in infrastructure improvement and environmental protection.