Mirat Group, the main contractor of a multi-family residential building located in Sofia, chose VJF Engineering for the waterproofing of the terraces and the pitched roof of the building.

For reliable waterproofing on all terraces of the building is applied double layer bitumen waterproofing system. Special attention is paid during design stage and execution of main waterproofing details – waterproofing around the drains and finishing near facade glazing.

The system solution for the pitched roof includes waterproofing covering with bitumen shingles of Tegola Canadese, installed over a layer of bitumen membrane. Thus, in addition to providing a flat basis for the tiles, the membrane is also an additional waterproofing protection.

Bitumen shingles with mineral coating are a reliable and lightweight solution, suitable for roofs with slopes from 15° to 90°. They are applicable to roofs of diverse shape and complex geometry.

Tegola Canadese shingles give an aesthetic look to the roofs thanks to the wide variety of colours and shapes. The mineral coating is made of extremely hard stone basalt, which does not absorb moisture. At very high temperatures, the finish granules are coloured with inorganic pigments. This process makes colours resistant to time, protects underlying bitumen layers from ultraviolet rays and prevents the shingles from deteriorating over time.

Waterproofing design specialists in VJF Engineering are able to propose complex solutions in accordance with the existing construction, proven system details and the desired vision. Our experience in the execution of a variety of projects with quality materials of leading manufacturers guarantees durability of the proposed solution.