Are you interested in working with us?

At VJF, we believe that the true value of a company, apart from assets and capital resources, are the employees and especially the team they build. We believe that our team is great because:

  • We share the responsibility in the implementation of projects and tasks;
  • We rely on the skills and knowledge that each one of us possesses;
  • We maintain natural, informal communication;
  • We work in a friendly atmosphere.
Our type of employees

From everyone in our VJF team, we expect:

  • to take the initiatives into her/his own hands;
  • to be able to self-organize her/his time and work;
  • to keep the commitments and follow the promises;
  • to be motivated and ambitious individuals, who value the team professionalism.

If you would like to apply for a job at VJF, but there are currently no vacancies or suitable open positions for you, please fill in this form.


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