In the beginning of December 2017, in front of the reconstructed park of the National Palace of Culture, the Christmas tree was lightened up. The newly planted 10-metre tree has put the workers through a number of logistic and technical challenges. VJF experts provided a solution for stabilizing and securing the large Christmas tree through an underground anchoring system.

The innovative stabilization system prevents the tree from leaning and being blown out of the soil, thus allowing the residents and guests of Sofia to enjoy the Christmas tree for many years ahead.

The system consists of anchor heads, steel rope, tensioning strap and accessories. With their unique design, the anchors can be installed in almost any type of soil. The high quality materials and their anti-corrosion resistance, allow the anchors to be placed in aggressive, heavily soiled and salted soils, where other methods of fixing and stabilizing are inappropriate.
The earth anchors provided by VJF have numerous benefits – reliability and durability, as well as fast and easy installation that requires no special skills.

The anchors have a wide range of applications – they are fast and aesthetic method in fixing trees, benches, pergolas, retaining walls and other park furniture. Their compact size and simple installation make the anchors suitable for strengthening fences, tents, inflatable and removable facilities such as kids’ slides, pavilions, chemical toilets, tanks.
Anchors’ reliability makes them a preferred solution when constructing supporting structures for vineyards and climbing plants in garden centers and nurseries.
Detailed information, instructions and examples of anchors’ and other products applications, can be found on our website.