In an effort to provide the best and most sought after solutions to its customers and partners, VJF has developed a new line of aluminum edging profiles.

The aluminum edging profiles from the AluStrip series are available in three main variants – for forming boards for green roof gardens, for edging lawns and for flooring. They are used to separate grass from plants, stones and other inert materials. They are suitable for making decorative figures of stones of different fraction, color and shape, as well as dividing different floors. When building boards for intensive and extensive roofs, the detail is specially designed for proper drainage of excess water.

Perforated edging profile AluStrip Roof – edging L-shaped aluminum profile for forming boards on intensive and extensive green roofs. Prevent the gutters from filling with soil, draining excess water and at the same time contribute to the aesthetic qualities of the space. Aluminum profiles have a long service life, do not complicate the construction, and specially designed perforations in the base of the profile allow them to be treated with waterproofing.

Non-perforated edging profile AluStrip Garden – dividing aluminum profile for edging lawns. They have a high aesthetic value and durability, and their cut base allows the formation of both arcs and straight sections. The AluStrip Garden profile is available in different heights, which allows its wide application.

Perforated edging profile AluStrip Paving – specially developed aluminum profiles for flooring. They allow separation of different types of pavements, their separation from green areas / drainages and others. The profile has a reinforced edge with a thickness of 2 mm, which makes it more stable.

All edging profiles from the AluStrip series can be offered with straight and angled joints for splicing the individual elements. The joints are specific to each size.

Some of the advantages that this product offers are:

  • Durability;
  • Practical dimensions;
  • Resistant material that does not emit chemicals into the soil;
  • Simplified installation;
  • High aesthetic properties.

During the construction of Green Bus Stops in the city of Burgas, a perforated L-shaped aluminum profile AluStrip Roof from VJF was included in the implementation, which prevents the gutters from filling with soil and allows unobstructed drainage of water.

The easy installation and durability of the material from which it is made, make the profiles of the series AluStrip an increasingly popular solution not only for roof gardens, but also in the construction of geoplastics, edging board between lawn and aggregate and more.