The topics of sustainable landscape, green construction and environmentally friendly construction solutions are a leading factor in VJF’s company policy.

Innovative, reliable and long-lasting method for strengthening trees are VJF systems – below and above ground tree anchoring.

When planting trees, there are several basic approaches to ensure their successful rooting – the leading factor is proper stabilization. The presence of strong winds and currents is an extremely important condition to pay attention to. Thanks to the various tree stabilization systems that VJF offers, the best solution for strengthening trees is provided.

Specialists from the Green System Directorate set up and implemented the systems of VJF for below ground stabilization of large trees in the green areas in front of the Church „Sveti Sedmochislenitsi” and sq. ”Slaveykov”, Sofia. They used Root Ball Kit to stabilize 5-meter willows and 6-meter plane trees.

The tendency to build intensive roofs and the need to stabilize the green system, which is built in this way, motivates VJF to offer stabilization systems suitable for roof gardens, which are two types: system of underground stabilization and an underground stabilization system with concrete anchors.

The system for underground stabilization is performed with the help of additional weights, which perform the function of a “dead anchor”. It allows the trees to be strengthened without compromising the integrity of the waterproofing layers.

The underground stabilization system with concrete anchors is used for planting trees in concrete blocks or pots by anchoring in concrete. The system is suitable for wind conditions and roof gardens.

Advantages of the systems:

  • High reliability and load-bearing capacity;
  • Durability of the materials from which it is made;
  • Applicable to all types of trees with a height of up to 5 m and a circumference of up to 75 cm.;
  • High aesthetic qualities;
  • Reduces the risk of death of newly planted trees.