The second, from the series of initiatives dedicated to the 20th anniversary of VJF, we called: The day of the open doors.

We created a symbolic meeting of our private and professional lives at our working places. Each one of us had the opportunity to invite his family members or friends and to share with them this day at the office.

The most excited and enthusiastic of course were the kids. They had the chance to see and learn more about their mom’s and dad’s working environment, to sit on their desks, to see what they do, where they eat and how they relax, to meet and chat with their colleagues, to learn about their parents success and the achievements of the company. A special place at the office was arranged as a temporary playground, where our children were playing with toys, singing and dancing, painted eggs and prepared decorations for the coming Easter Holidays.

All day long our offices were full with joyful and smiling kids and happy parents. It was an excellent opportunity to meet our present daily life with our future. We will always keep this day in our hearts.