We are young and full with energy team! This was the reason to start our celebrations with popular within our company sporting event. Get ready boys and girls! It’s table tennis time!

It all started with the draw 

As always, a fair play and equal opportunities tournament was our primary goal. So we started with an open draw. Some of our most respected and table tennis knowledgable colleagues were chosen as tournament judges.

The tournament

They all aimed and strived for the victory! Enormous concentration, tactics and strategies, physical exhaustion, stylish and clever play games led to an extremely hard competition. The tournament was divided in four groups of four players. The finalists of each group qualified for the semifinals. After hard battles Tzviatko (Tzetzo) Topchiev, Dimiter (Mitko) Velinov, Petar (Petio) Yanev and Tzvetelin (Tzetzo) Tzvetanov made it through to the semifinals. Petio and Mitko won their games and faced each for the final.

The final 

All tickets for the Grand Final were grabbed months ago. The “thousands” of fens gathered on the 7th floor several hours in advance, excited to see again their idols Petio and Mitko. And the time came with lights and sounds, whistles and applauses and playful cheerleaders. As expected, there was no clear favorite. The forces were equal and both finalists deserved the victory. But every game has it’s winner and for our tennis tournament that was Dimitar Velinov. Bravo Mitko!!!