In mid 2017, VJF was awarded a contract for design and supply of MacRes MSE systemfor the intersection of Struma Highway LOT 3.3 and Sandanska Bistritsa River, near the town of Sandanski. The river is cutting crosswise the abutments of a highway viaduct and with the proposed application of three MSE reinforced walls, high embankments are formed and retained. MacRes system is a vertical reinforcing structure, consisting of prefabricatedconcrete facade panels, reinforced with polymeric geostrips.

At the base of the viaduct there are three reinforcing structures with a total front area of over 550 square meters, and the largest is determined by a length of 68 m and height exceeding 7 m. After the inauguration of Struma Motorway LOT 3.3, the reinforced structures can be observed from both roadways.

VJF possesses an extensive experience and engineering capacity in providing and implementing effective solutions for reinforced structures of diversederivation and features.