We present you a projects where the challenges related to landscape modeling were entrusted to the team of VJF Engineering.

During the construction of a new residential complex in Boyana district, Sofia, a solution was sought for the cladding of a supporting structure with concrete piles, located on the outskirts of the property.

The provided solution helped to improve the vision of the yard areas in the residential complex, creating a cozy space and contributing to the harmonious fit of the supporting structure to the overall design of the complex. The stone used on the site to fill the gabions contributes to achieving a unified architectural image.

The installed gabions have a high level of anti-corrosion protection, guaranteeing resistance over time, without the risk of compromising the constructions and the vision of the yard.

The gabions, which are three-dimensional structures made of electrowelded nets of different sizes, which VJF offers, are suitable for various architectural and landscape applications:

  • Vertical planning the terrain for the construction of gravity retaining walls;
  • For construction of partition walls, decorative walls for separation of zones and emphasizing characteristic features of the garden;
  • When creating amusement parks, playgrounds and eco-parks;
  • As a main element in the construction of fences, fence bases, benches, steps, barbecues and other architectural elements in the yard;
  • For leveling sites on terrain with a strong slope.

VJF meet the challenge of requiring landscaping solutions to increase aesthetic value and sustainable construction.