VJF enlarged its product range adding the high-quality resin concrete drainage channels from ANRIN, Germany. With their more than 40 years experience in the production of resin concrete products, the company is always positioned as one of the top market players and successfully sells its products throughout the European countries. The company is KIWA and ISO 9001 quality certified.

The drainage channels are produced from resin concrete – the material consisting of natural mineral quartz and resins is characterized particularly by its structural and ecological benefits. The product combines the best qualities of conventional concrete and cast iron drainage channels. Thanks to the resin concrete structure the channels ANRIN are resistant and durable – high compressive strength and resistance to bending, fully waterproofed, resistant to ageing and their weight is up to 75% less than the standard concrete and cast iron channels. The linear drains are resistant to aggressive environments which is essential in the presence of underground water. The products meet all the requirements of EN 1433.

Product categories:

  • ANRIN DRAIN – drainage channels for load class А15 to F900;
  • ANRIN SELF – drainage and point inlet for landscaping;
  • ANRIN SPORT – drainage systems for sport facilities;

The optimized UNILINK® joint system eliminates the traditional differentiation between the beginning and end of the channel. Elements of an equal installation height can be joined in any direction. The symmetrically divided half-joints enable the optional sealing of the splicing. Vertically aligned grooves and tongues support an efficient installation: In the process, the installation alignment can be chosen arbitrarily!

A large number of different cover gratings varying in material and design complement the ANRIN reinforced edge system. For any aesthetic needs and various application possibilities, cover gratings from ANRIN offer a safe and long-lasting channel cover. They are available in load classes A 15 to E 600.
All cover gratings and profiles conform to DIN 19580 / EN 1433.

  • steel – galvanized steel, stainless steel and cataphoretic dip-coated in black
  • cast iron
  • plastic

The design of the gratings is related to the application of the channels – slotted steel, slotted steel with Oval Grip design, mesh steel, longitudinal bars, cross-bars and perforated. ANRIN patented OvalGrip design of the gratings meets all requirements of the clients and designers. The gratings for the sport facilities are produced only in plastic – white and black. The locking system works reliable even with heavily soiling and can be easily unlocked for cleaning work.

Resin concrete drainage channels fields of usage:
Walkways and pedestrian zones
Roads and highways
Parking lots
Houses, gardens, landscaping
Airports and harbors
Industrial areas
Sport facilities

  • Advantages:
  • Easy processing
  • Resistance to corrosion and chemical active substances
  • Resistance to heavy loads
  • Resistance to frost and salts
  • Recycling
  • Watertight