The flat roof waterproofing system with APAO modified membranes, provides extended reliable protection of the roofs. The proposed waterproofing system consists of two layers of APAO modified membranes Galaxy FC 4mm and Galaxy FC GR 4.5kg.

APAO modified bituminous membranes are combination of the best characteristics of APP and SBS membranes:

  • high heat and UV resistance
  • excellent flexibility at low temperature
  • high strength adhesion to the surface
  • easy details processing/maintaining

Due to the specific formula of polymerization, this type of membranes are extremely resistant to aging due to weather and UV radiation.

The building is a monument of culture and was built in 1880-1881 by the Czech engineer and architect Antonin Kolar (Adolf Vaclav Kolar). Grand Hotel “Bulgaria”, which was housed in the building originally, hosted all notable guests of the capital at that time: politicians, musicians, actors, writers and public figures.

The restored building of the Bulgarian Development Bank retains the appearance of the facade to the street and recreates the atmosphere of the old Sofia spirit in the modern times.