VJF constantly strives to look for innovations to add to its product range, providing its customers with complete and working solutions in each area.

The topics of sustainable landscape, green construction and environmentally friendly construction solutions are a leading factor in our company policy.

That is why in 2020. VJF has included in its product range a new series of bio-mats, suitable for work both in the construction of geotechnical facilities and in landscape construction and maintenance.

The BioMats are biodegradable coatings consisting of 100% coconut fiber reinforced with different strength nets.

Biodegradable mats are used in:

  • Hydroseeding activities;
  • Protection of earth embankments;
  • River bank protection;
  • Levels and water basins;
  • Coastal protection of areas with variable water level;
  • In the construction of reinforced embankments;
  • Forming and protection of the shoreline near lakes;
  • Erosion protection of newly scraped earth slopes;
  • Protection of natural areas;
  • Biological reclamation of landfills.

Depending on the specific conditions of the terrain and the application, several types of organic roses are available:

Mulching bio-mat AWC 10 – Consists of one layer of reinforced coconut fiber, two layers of bio foil and a layer of additional reinforcement mesh. The foil does not allow weeds to penetrate the mat, while it is water permeable. It balances the temperature in the soil and provides a favorable environment for plant development, while reducing maintenance costs. Available in roll sizes 0.8×30 m (24 sq.m) and 1.2×30 m (36 sq.m). Degradation period 36 months.


  • For mulching;
  • Erosion control on slopes intended for landscaping with vegetation;
  • When forming geoplastics;
  • In the fight against weeds.
  • Biomat MDC 6 – Composed of three types of reinforcing mesh to meet specific tensile strength requirements. It is made of a basic layer of 100% coconut fiber mesh, thin polyamide polypropylene mesh (PP) and biodegradable jute. Available in roll size 2.4x42m (100.80sq.m). Degradation period 36 months.



  • Erosion control of slopes up to 45°;
  • When stabilizing embankments;
  • When forming geoplastics.
  • Biomat HDC4 00 – Special reinforcing mat, made of two different high-strength coconut nets, sewn to a separating layer of coconut fibers. Available in roll size 2.4x25m (60sq.m). Degradation period 36 months.
  • Application:
    • Erosion control on steep sections up to 70°;
    • Stabilization of water areas subjected to high speed streams.


The terrain on which the mat will be installed should be cleaned of large stones and lumps of soil.  Its fixing to the ground is done with the help of anchors TL-P, for which mechanized installation is possible.

When installing the mat on slopes, it is spread perpendicular to the slope, fixed to its surface with anchors TL-P, and on the ridge of the slope the mat is fixed with ground anchors with a locking disc.

When it is necessary to install several pieces of mat, the lower layers overlap at least 15-20 cm.

Further information on landscape systems and solutions can be found at www.vjflandscape.com or by contacting landscape specialists at VJF offices in the country.