Due to climate changes and insufficient maintenance some of the hydraulic facilities in the country are in need of restoration. It is necessary to find reliable and efficient technical solutions for their repair.

Bitumious SBS geomembranes Coletanche® are a reliable solution for construction and reconstruction of hydraulic facilities, tanks for rain  and drinking water, canals, landfills for liquid and solid waste, etc.

Coletanche® is a composite of a layer of anti-root film, glass fleece, non-woven polyester geotextile, elastomeric bitumen and sanding. The membrane can be layed directly on the jobsite terrain after finishing the needed ground works.

The geomembrane comes in rolls with width of 5m and  the separate rolls must be overlapped and welded whit a steam roller. The welding guarantees the watertightness of the insulation layer. After the installation is fully completed it is possible for light wheel mechanization for service purposes  to pass over the geomembrane. According to the needs of the project and thanks to the composition of the bitumen used, a hot asphalt mixture can be laid on the membrane.

Coletanche® membrane has been successfully applied during the repair and restoration works of the overflow of the Rogozen -1 dam in the municipality of Hayredin. The design includes reinforcement of the base with  woven geogrids after which the membrane was laid. To further shape the profile of the spillway and the high-flow, a geocells system subsequently filled with concrete is mounted on the membrane. The large width of the individual rolls helps to reduce the total length of the seams and the consumption rate of cutting.

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