Erosion control made in project  “Maritza Highway  /A1/  Orizovo-Capitan Andreevo Section 2 : Dimitrovgrad – Harmanli  from km 36 400 up to km 70 620 with seven separate subproject.

The solution for erosion control is consistent with heavy and prolonged rains, in consequence of which pit slopes are highly water saturated sharply reduced strength properties and lowers their resistance. To perform surface stabilization of slopes and prevent erosion as a result of rain, wind, snow and snowmelt are committed strengthening activities – laying the perforated geocell system in combination with geotextile and installation anchors.

Perforation I the walls of geocells allows unimpeded passage of water present on the slope and crossing the roots of plants in neighboring cells. Geotextile installed below geocells additionally help drainage of emptied of surface water and minimize the processes of water logging on the slopes. The total area of the covered sections is approximately 75 000 sqm.

In same project VJF Engeneering build reinforced embankment with geogrids on road junction “Haskovo – Kapitan Andreevo” with approximate length 170 m and high up to 4.8 m.

Reinforced embankments with geogrids offered by VJF have high efficiency of taking loads. They are constructed with drain material and are applicable to terrain and geology conditions. Characterized with easy installation- no wet processes, and design fits easily into the surrounding environment.

Additional for project “Maritza Highway “

Maritza Highway is a main road in direction  Plovdiv –Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint. It is a part from TEN transport corridor №IV, as well as in Trans European highway “South-North”. Maritza highway will connect Trakia Highway in road link Orizovo with Bulgarian –Turkish border at Kapitan Andreevo.

Project is financed by Cohhesion fund at European community and Nation budget thru Operational Program “Transport 2007-2013”.