The renovated Expo Center Flora in city of Burgas was finished. VJF Engineering Ltd. was the contractor company of the part Waterproofing in the key project of the city. The foundations of all buildings in the complex were fulfilled with a high quality APP polymer – bituminous waterproofing membrane Aries, the low slope roofs were fulfilled with two-layer botuminous waterproofing system. The waterproofing system of the green roof areas were fulfilled with polymer – bitumen membrane for special applications Gemini Garden – the waterproofing membrane can resist the perforating action of roots thanks to the antiroot additives employed in their compound – inthecontentofthemembraneareincludedAPPpolymers, specialchemicaladditivesThis prevents passage of root system of plants in the waterproofing sheets, and in the area of ​​the joints.

Located in the sea garden of the city, the complex is a place for events of diverse nature – exhibitions, conferences, expositions and cultural events. The unique design is deployed in many green areas and individual arenas allowing parallel events.