Retaining the left bank of the Azmaka river is planned as part of the New vision for Russian market, Stara Zagora project. The hydraulic protection wall is 4m high and formed with gabion baskets and Reno mattresses. All the materials for the river protection were supplied and installed by VJF.

The use of double twisted wire mesh modules has many advantages. Their permeability allows groundwater drainage and their high flexibility make the structure change according to the terrain. The polymer coating of the wire mesh prevents mechanical damage on the wall by floating debris and other external influences. The Reno mattresses in the base of the structure retain its general stability. In cases of compromising the structure base by running water, the mattresses change according the deformations, close the resulting cavities and prevent future malformations.

The modules which VJF supplies have an Environmental Product Certificate (EPD), proving the absence of harmful effects on the environment, which is of particular importance for structures in urban environments.

VJF has many years of experience in providing technical solutions and their implementation in the field of bank protection. For additional information you can contact the specialists in our offices.