In private estates with steep land slopes, the maximum utilization of the property area is a priority for all owners. Green Terramesh ® modular system is an effective solution for overcoming the displacement of the terrain and increasing the area of the yard. This method of soil reinforcement with modular systems reduces ground works and significantly shortens the implementation period. Grass and other vegetation can be sown on the front side of the modules to give an end result of a sustainable construction that fits naturally in the landscape.

Soil reinforcement with modular systems with a height of over 7 meters has been constructed to overcome the large displacement of the terrain between two neighboring properties in Manastirski rid near the city of Varna. The owners of the upper property expanded and developed their yard, and those of the lower property gained the opportunity to plant greenery on their rear border.

For the Manastirski rid project, VJF assisted with the design, supplied the construction materials and completed all construction works. The materials used are modular systems Green Terramesh ® with high anticorrosion protection and additional PoliMac® coating of the double twisted wire mesh. The modules come in different sizes which allows building a flexible structure following the terrain features. The modular system works in combination with high tensile strength geogrids and geotextile for separation.

In high importance in urban areas is using materials that are not harmful on the environment. Green Terramesh ® modular systems have an Environmental Product Certificate (EPD) which ensures the absence of harmful effects.

VJF has the experience and capacity to design, supply and build soil reinforcement structures. For additional information you can contact the company’s teams in the country.