VJF Engineering accomplished waterproofing works and the metal sheet cladding on the roof of Mirage residential building in Sofia. The new building is designed with two underground levels, ground floor, seven floors and two terraced levels.

The technical solution for the flat roof of the building includes double layer waterproofing system with APAO bitumen membranes of the leading Italian manufacturer General Membrane. For the first layer is applied bitumen membrane Galaxy FC APAO -25 °C, and for the second one – Galaxy FC GR APAO -25 °C White with white mineral-protected finish.

The concept of the APAO (amorphous poly alpha olefin) modified bitumen composite is to combine the best characteristics of APP and SBS based materials:

  • High resistance to heat and UV rays;
  • Excellent flexibility at low temperatures;
  • High stress resistance;
  • Excellent adhesion to the base;
  • Ease of application and execution of details.

The great advantage of this type of membranes is their exceptional resistance to thermal and UV rays aging. This benefit is further enhanced by the white mineral protection on the second waterproofing layer – Galaxy FC GR APAO -25 °C White.

The production of all metal sheet cladding on the boards and metal chimney caps for the roof of the Mirage residential building is by VJF Metals. With an individual approach to each project, the production department of the company has the equipment and capacity to manufacture metal finishing elements and water drainage systems for pitched roofs with high precision and short time delivery.

The main part of the roof of the building is flat except one section with pitched roof. Applied waterproofing system of the pitched roof is with bitumen shingles by Tegola Canadese and roof drainage system is accomplished with seamless gutters, downpipes and all necessary accessories.