MacRes® system is developed through linear reinforcement placed on the reinforcement soil, in consequent layers connected to a flexible concrete wall. The system is appropriate to apply in the following cases:

    • Between adjacent roads at different levels with minimal distances between them that require vertical reinforcement;
    • Urban territories where private land properties limit the standard dimensions of the road slope;
    • In high road structures, in order to reduce the reverse embankment;
    • Reinforcing structures for bridges;
    • For direct foundations.

The construction of MacRes segment walls at three road junctions along the route of Hemus Highway is in the final stage: Section from km 310 + 940 to km 327 + 260.

VJF assisted in the design solutions and supplied the materials for the construction of the mentioned road junctions. In the working phase over 7130sqm. of concrete segment walls have been constructed, 1294sqm. of which are structures bearing the direct route at the Buhovtsi Road Junction.

The system consists of prefabricated concrete panels with MacLoop ® polymer bonds with different strengths, ensuring mechanical connection with the high-strength reinforcing polymer geostrips reinforcing in the embankment. The combination of all components of the system, observing all design requirements, in terms of environment (terrain conditions) and external influences (design loads, seismicity, etc.), ensures the stability of the structures – while reducing the volume of backfills thanks to the vertically arranged panels.

The lack of on-site concrete mixing during their implementation significantly reduces the time for execution of the structures and reduces the total cost of construction.

VJF has many years of experience in providing technical solutions, supply and implementation of systems for the construction of reinforced embankments in infrastructure projects and environmental protection sites.