Mineral Terramesh is a modular system with a sloped stone face used for soil reinforcement, which combines the features of our standard and well known Terramesh systems with vertical stone face and Green Terramesh with sloped soil face.

Mineral Terramesh  systems are pre-assembled units made of double twisted wire mesh 8×10 (galvanized with Galmac, a Zn-5%Al alloy and Polimac polymer coating), a galvanized (Zn90%+Al10%) welded mesh panel to ease the construction, 2 pre-formed galvanized steel brackets and 7 steel rods. Achievable slope angles of the system are 70о, 80 о и 87о. Depending on specific aesthetic requirements of the facia, the galvanized welded mesh panel can be placed internally or externally with respect to the steel wire mesh. Lacing operations are done with stainless steel rings.

The stone used in the sight side of the system can be a finer fraction in comparison with the stone used in traditional Terramesh systems, thanks to the grid of the welded mesh (5x5cm and 10×2,5cm). The rest of the module is filed with the reverse embankment.

For construction of high reinforced embankments, the systems works in combination with strip bonded and woven geogrids, with tensile strengths according to the requirements of static calculations.

The main advantages of the system are:

  • smaller volume and finer fraction of the stone in the face of the system compared to ordinary modules;
  • mechanized filling of the modules,
  • fast pace of installation;
  • easy maintenance.

All modular systems in the Terramesh group are manufactured in accordance with European regulatory requirements and have all the necessary documents, including EPD certificate for environmental product.

For additional information about the systems and solutions that VJF works with, you can contact the technical teams in our offices.