Roof landscaping is an important and necessary detail for the formation of a favorable urban environment and complement to the architectural elements. An important role in creating sustainable roof gardens has the provision of efficient drainage systems.

Laying soil layers on different types of roof structures hides its risks. One of the main problems in building green areas, whether they are roof or terrain, is to provide the necessary amount of water and drainage. This is the reason why we develop several types of drainage systems based on a combination of different drainage components.

Our many years of experience in the construction of various waterproofing details, necessitated the development and application of surface drainage and water retention systems to ensure optimal water regime in the construction of intensive green roofs.

VJF offers two main types of drainage geocomposite, water-retaining membrane, as well as aluminum and galvanized boards, which can be specially made according to the parameters required for the specific situation.

 Application of drainage solutions:

  • Used for surface drainage of pavements;
  • Suitable for surface drainage of newly built green areas and those with artificial grass;
  • Suitable for surface drainage of flower beds.

MacDrain is a drainage geocomposite that is composed of three parts – a core of extruded polymer monofilaments, which form W-shaped channels, and two layers of polypropylene needle punched nonwoven geotextile.

MD Drain is a drainage geocomposite that consists a high-strength and highly conductive, dense extruded core, unilaterally lined with polypropylene geotextile. The high strength of the materials from which it is built, allows high loads and provides water permeability. The core is specially formed to provide a smooth surface in direct contact with the membrane and at the same time to maintain high conductivity at high loads.

MD Drain is suitable for surface drainage of newly built green areas and pavements (including those with artificial grass), as well as for landfills and retention facilities.

Maxi Stud is a water-retaining membrane with cups and slots, specially developed for systems that require simultaneous drainage permeability and water retention. The cavities of the drainage membrane have sufficient water retention capacity, which makes them extremely suitable for the construction of intensive roof gardens.

Their ability to retain water is also successfully used in the construction of exterior and interior landscaped flower beds.

The innovative thinking and the long-term experience of the specialists from VJF have created a detail and a solution, applicable in different situations when building roof gardens.

AluStrip is an aluminum board, specially developed by VJF specialists, applicable to roof gardens, terraces and areas with flooring on adjustable pedestals.

The board is made of aluminum with a thickness of 1 mm. At a height of over 300 mm, AluStrip is 1.5 mm thick.

Depending on the specific situation and its application, it is designed with different perforations.

Along the base it can be perforated with round holes which helps the installation of the board to the roof water insulation. In the vertical are developed rectangular slots to ensure water passage.