We have the pleasure to present you a project of ZOOM Architectural Studio, for the realization of which, the architects and the investor trusted the experience and know-how of VJF Engineering. Our team was challenged to provide solution for the complete modeling of the adjacent terrain to the building.

The current project is located at the foothills of Vitosha mountain and is a residential building, naturally integrated in the terrain.

The building is designed as a stepped creeping volume, in contact with the terrain at all levels, each one of which is partially or almost completely dug into the hill. This ensures easy and direct connection with the adjacent terrain, increases the comfort of living and gives plasticity to the architectural form.

In harmony with the architecture of the building, we provided a number of terrain modeling solutions, allowing the building to be integrated into the surrounding terrain without compromising it’s style. Formally adjacent green areas can be divided in two parts – east and west areas. In the eastern part of the property the natural slope is 70 degrees. This space is solved by modeling the terrain with our Green Terramesh system, forming platforms with trapezoidal shapes on two levels. To facilitate the maintenance of these slopes, we provided pre-bred sedum mats.

In order to obtain a smooth connection between the constructed Green Terramesh structure in the highest part of the yard with the geometry of the existing stairs, we provided solution by modeling the terrain with a reinforced synthetic mat MacMat R1 and earth anchors with locking disc system.

The challenges in the western part of the property were expressed in a large design slope of the green area and a shotcrete wall built during the construction.

In sectors with a slope of up to 45 °, we provided solution for slope reinforcement with geocellular system EcoWeb Garden. At the core of these slopes, our team built a gabion retaining wall, fully fitted into the overall vision of the design solution.

To improve the appearance of the existing shotcrete retaining wall, built during the construction, VJF Engineering team developed and provided solution for planting vegetation in front of the shotcrete, by installing metal structure, clad with reinforced synthetic mat and fixed with earth anchors. In this way we created a bed for filling with top soil (humus), which will provide optimal environment for the development of creeping vegetation.

We thank the investor and the architects for the vote of confidence in VJF Engineering!

Further information for our landscaping systems and solutions, can be found at www.vjflandscape.com or by contacting our landscape architects and specialists at VJF offices in the country.