VJF Engineering provide waterproofing repair on the roof of a PRIMEX building. The company mainly importing and distributing tires for vehicles, but offers also a wide range of services for cars.

The building, located on Botevgradsko shose Blvd. in Sofia, is a single-floor reinforced concrete structure with height 14 m. Prior to the insulation process, the specialists from VJF Engineering inspected the existing condition of the roof, provided a technical proposal for application of the new waterproofing and decided the right execution of some details.

The new waterproofing system on the roof of the building consists of mechanically fixed EverGuard TPO waterproofing membrane and all details are in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer – GAF, USA.

The waterproofing system based on thermo polyolefin is characterized by a number of significant advantages over other sheet based (roll-type) waterproofing membranes. The excellent strength characteristics of the membrane are result of the combination of thermo polyolefin and polyester reinforcement base. EverGuard TPO membrane is resistant to UV radiation, high and extremely low temperatures. The composition of the membrane does not contain plasticizers, chlorides and other environmentally harmful chemicals. Last but not least, the white color of  EverGuard TPO membrane has excellent light-reflecting properties and thus prolongs the service life of the entire roof package.

The specialists in the engineering department of VJF have the experience to propose solutions in the field of waterproofing and to provide their quality execution with materials of leading European and world manufacturers.